The Paws Obedience Challenge


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Paws Obedience Challenge – General Information & Rules


The Paws Obedience Challenge © is open to all dogs & equines irrespective of age, breed & current level of training.


The aim of the challenge to promote a happy, healthy & obedient dog/equine showing a bond between animal and handler through a series of tests which will vary in difficulty.


Tests for dogs will start at level 1 which would suit complete beginners to level 3 for those who already have obedience experience.


There will be 1 test per month for dogs which is spilt into 3 sections (L1, L2 & L3)


You decide how many of the exercises suit you and your dog and enter at that level.


There will be just 1 level of in-hand challenge for equines per month but within the challenge there will be a walk only or trot exercise depending on which suits you & your equine.


You may only enter 1 level each month (if you have more than 1 dog you may enter them at different levels – i.e. I have 2 dogs I want to enter - Tilly dog is level 1 & Fern dog is level 2)


The challenge will run on a monthly basis with the top 10 scores each being awarded a rosette.


A new challenge for each level will be issued at the start of each month.


Each test you submit will be individually scored by an assessor who has experience in teaching obedience classes.


Each challenge in the test is worth a set amount of points and scored from the following:

5 = Outstanding, 4 = Very Good, 3 = Good, 2 = Fair Effort & 1 = Attempted


So even if it all goes wrong as long as you attempt each challenge you will score points!


You will receive your individual score sheet via PM or email once it has been marked.


The entry fee for each test submitted is £4. This includes postage costs for any rosettes you may win.

There is no limit to the amount of times you can enter the same test each month but each separate entry must be paid for.


At the end of each month your scores will be added up to find a total and then averaged out.


For example – Lucy submits 3 tests at level 1in April. She scores 12 on the first test, 8 on the second test & 16 on the third test. Therefore her score for that month is 12 (36 / 3 = 12) We will do all the maths this end so no need to worry about working out scores!


This is to help keep the playing field level for everyone and so that everyone has the best chance of winning a rosette.


Once a video has been submitted it cannot be swapped for another one – they will be uploaded to our YouTube channel as soon as we receive them for the assessor to score.


We can accept links to your own YouTube accounts but please make sure your videos are set to ‘public’ viewing.

You can also enter by uploading videos directly to the Facebook group - this is the easiest way as most videos are too large to send any other way.


Or by emailing it to us



Tests must be submitted as one continuous video (not stitched together from ‘best bits’)


There is no upper or lower time limit.

You may ask a friend/relative to call out the instructions for you or you may print out & hold the instructions yourself.


You may video yourself or ask a friend/relative to do it for you.


You may NOT have any other outside assistance – i.e. someone holding your dog/equine, calling/distracting your dog etc.


When submitting your test please make sure you state your name, dog/equine's name and challenge level so you are scored correctly.


There will be super rosettes for the top 10 in each level at the end of each month.


Should 2 entrants receive the same score both will be awarded the rosette for that placing.


Please remember this is a fun competition and we want to see happy, healthy dogs & equines that are enjoying themselves.


We will not accept entries where any form of punishment has been used i.e. no negative shouting, harsh handling etc.


We actively encourage positive voices, treats (if appropriate to your dog/equine) using toys as rewards etc. – Use what your dog/equine likes and responds to & use as many as you like!


You may use your dog’s normal collar / harness etc. – whatever your dog is used to and comfortable with.

Equines may complete the challenge in a headcollar or bridle.


The assessor/judge’s decision is final and by entering any of the challenges you are accepting all of the rules written here.


There will be no correspondence with the assessor/judge over their decisions.

If you are not willing to accept constructive feedback and see this for what it is – a fun, friendly & informal competition – then please do not enter.


Have Fun, Enjoy the time spent with your dog/equine & Good Luck!!


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