The Paws Obedience Challenge


Brought to you by Paws for a Picture & Education Animals


In-Hand Equine Challenge


By popular request we have added a new section of challenges for equines!


You will need access to an area where you can work with your horse in safety


Whilst we do not insist on you wearing a hard hat and gloves for protection we do highly recommend it for your own safety


Whilst we use the term horse throughout, ponies & donkeys are also very welcome!


Your test must be videoed in one complete sequence – not stitched together from ‘best bits’


You may have the test read out to you by someone or you may have it printed out or on your mobile device to look at


You may have the test videoed by someone else or you may record it yourself


No other outside assistance is allowed


There is no time limit for this test


Please submit your test either by uploading it directly to the challenge page


or via email to


Alternatively you can upload it to your own YouTube account and send us a link - it must be set to public otherwise we can't see it!


Please make your payment of £4 per entry via PayPal to or contact us for Bank Transfer details


Each challenge will be scored as follows:

5 = Outstanding, 4 = Very Good, 3 = Good, 2 = Fair Effort & 1 =  Attempted


When submitting your test please make sure you state your name, horses name and & test month so you are scored correctly.


There will be super rosettes for the top 10 at the end of each month.


Should 2 entrants receive the same score both will be awarded the rosette for that placing.


Please remember this is a fun competition and we want to see happy, healthy horses that are enjoying themselves.


We will not accept entries where any form of punishment has been used i.e. no negative shouting, harsh handling etc.


We actively encourage positive voices, treats (if appropriate to your horse) using rewards etc. – Use what your horse likes and responds to & use as many as you like!


You may use your horses’s normal headcollar, leadrope or bridle etc. – whatever your horse is used to and comfortable with.


The assessor/judge’s decision is final and by entering any of the challenges you are accepting all of the rules written here.


There will be no correspondence with the assessor/judge over their decisions.

If you are not willing to accept constructive feedback and see this for what it is – a fun, friendly & informal competition – then please do not enter.


Have Fun, Enjoy the time spent with your horses & Good Luck!!


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