The Paws Obedience Challenge


Brought to you by Paws for a Picture & Education Animals


Introducing your Judge & Assessor- Mrs Rena Barrow


Rena is very experienced in owning & training dogs and we are very excited to have her working with us on the Paws Obedience Challenge!!


Rena's Biography

"For as long as I can remember we have had a dog in the house - I grew up with GSDs, Collies and later Corgis.  

Always being keen on animals once I left home had Corgis of my own and went into kennel work so have had plenty of hands on experience with different breeds.  

Then, to keep the Corgis company we got a Beagle.  

As they are not quite as biddable I joined a local canine society to help with her training - only intending to take her through her puppy basics.  

That was almost 8 years ago and my delinquent Beagle went on to get her gold Kennel Club good citizens award - followed by the next three Beagles.  

Our youngest is taking her silver in the next couple of weeks.  

I have been one of the trainers for the last 3 years - helping to train dogs and their owners for all levels of the Good Citizens Award.  

I look forward to judging some of your obedience videos"